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NJ Department of Human Services – REACH NJ – Integrated Campaign

Reach NJ is a 24/7 addiction hotline where there’s immediate help from real, live, they get where I’m coming from kind of people.
This newly won client had one request – no negative images. With the brand promise of Addiction help. Always here. Always live.
We knew at Marketsmith that we needed to be bold in the emotional connection to break through to this hard to reach audience. With a limited budget,
we created a cast of 7 characters through the use of typography and SFX to build a community of shared experiences.

Simply. Elegantly. Impactfully. Setting Reach NJ for positive outcomes now and provided a platform to build from future-forward.


Creative Direction / Strategic Development: Jo Maggiore

Sr. Designer: Vince Sia, Sr. Copy: Karen Goulart; Production Co. Bandit, NYC, NY with Polman Sound, NYC., NY


© 2021 Jo Maggiore / 360 Creative / Integrated Art Director / 917.744.4224

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