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Global Consumer Package Goods 


While working at Y&R on the Colgate-Palmolive brands, I had the opportunity to work on creative for all over the world.
Below are a few samples of the work I developed for Latin America, Europe, & the Middle East/Africa regions.

 Art Direction. Copy Writing.



​This global campaign led to the highest consumer re-call and a 60% increase in additional sales.



SoftSoap Nuta-Oil: Silk Dress Test – Integrated Global Marketing Campaign 


When Colgate-Palmolive came to Y&R to launch its latest shower gel for the SoftSoap brand, it struggled to gain market share in the beauty category. Nutra-Oil's unique product benefit of moisturizing oils to leave skin without a greasy feel proved difficult to communicate. My partner & I tapped into the insight; the proof of this product's benefit is when clothing doesn't stick to skin, delivering the core idea of "Take the Silky Dress Test."

Strategic Development // Art Direction 

This simple premise translated well to film. The emotional benefit of a woman jumping on her bed also translated easily into PR and Digital.
Working with agency partners to develop PR; the Glamour Gatefold established Nutra-Oil & the Silky Dress into the beauty category as a ‘must have’
for the summer launch. Sweepstake's event with Laura Bennett of Project Runway "Design A Silky Dress" combined on-line with Marie Clair’s
 d"Design Your Own Silky Dress" resulted in 400,000 hits on the website within the first two weeks of launching. 

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